Can I put gears on a single speed bike?

Decide What Gears To Use

Cassette or freewheel?

There are 2 types of hubs you can choose from, cassette and freewheel. Many people also call them the freehub and the threaded hub. The difference between these two is coasting.

With a freewheel (threaded hub), you can coast backward. The pedals will stop rotating when you stop pedaling. The wheels, however, will keep rolling on. This hub usually sports 5-7 cogs. It’s from 120 – 126 mm in diameter.

A cassette hub, on the other hand, will make the pedals continue to rotate even when you stop pedaling. That means there’s no coasting backward on this one. Cassette hub usually sports 7-11 cogs. It has the ratcheting mechanism built right into the hub body.

Shimano HyperGlide is a very popular cassette many riders use today.

cyclist orange wear riding bike
cyclist orange wear riding bike

Shifter pod

Next, you can decide what type of shifter pod you would like to have.


What is the best hybrid bike for a beginner?

Are Hybrid Bikes Good For Beginners?

the best choice road bike for a beginner
the best choice road bike for a beginner

This is definitely a very good choice for newbies starting to bike. It’s more like the option for the confused beginners. Trust us, we’ve been there.

Within the bike category, you’ll find so many subcategories like mountain bikes, comfort bikes, BMX bikes, or road bikes, just to name a few. For complete beginners, these are obviously very confusing.

You’ll have to spend hours doing research into each one before deciding which bike fits you best. So, why not get a little bit of everything just to try it out?

Well, you can try a hybrid bike. You now have fenders, shifters, brake levers, comfy wide seat, reflectors, and even a rear cargo rack! It’s basically 3-in-1. The bike is designed for cruising around your city, traveling to work or to school, and even riding on mountainous areas.

So for beginners who don’t know yet which type of bike to choose, we’d definitely recommend getting yourself a hybrid bike. It’s very easy to use and you can use it in many different conditions.